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Our Multigen Bernedoodles are something we are very proud of. Their consistency with coat type, structure and temperament has really come together over the last few years.

What is a multigenertaional Bernedoodle?

A multigen Bernedoodle is a Doodle who has two Doodle parents past the F2 generation. 

F1- Bernese Mountain dog (or any coated breed) crossed with a poodle. All puppies will have a furnished (one copy F/IC) wavy (one copy of curl -/+), low to non shedding coat. The degree of shedding and furnishings will vary.

F1b- F1 Doodle crossed back to a Poodle. Puppies from this cross may have a wavy -/+ or curly +/+ coat and have the chance of being furnished F/IC or fully furnished FF.

F2- F1 Doodle crossed with another F1 Doodle. This is the most inconsistent generation of Doodles. Puppies from this cross can have a straight -/-, wavy -/+ or curly +/+ coat. They can be unfurnished IC/IC, furnished F/IC or fully furnished. With any combination on those two locus. Example- Fully furnished and +/+ curly coated or unfurnished and -/+ wavy coated. 

Most of our multigen Bernedoodle litters will have one (possibly two) fully furnished parent/s who is/are also -/- for curl (Think Jerry). 

Our multigen mini Bernedoodles mature in the 30-50 lb range and will all have at least one copy of furnishings. Our standard multigen Bernedoodles will mature in the 50-100 lb range. We strive for fully furnished, straight or wavy coats that are as low to non shedding as possible. Genetic coat testing is done on all of our breeding dogs to ensure we match up only the best possible pair both health and coat wise. We put a lot of time and effort into making sure our matches are perfect.