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Our Adults

Shady Oak Doodles adults used in our breeding program.


  • Shady Oak's Boomer

    Shady Oak's Boomer

    Wavy coated blue merle mini multigen Bernedoodle with two blue eyes. More info to come. 

    Weight: 23 lbs

  • Shady Oak's Banks

    Shady Oak's Banks

    Banks is a curly coated F1b blue merle tri color male Standard Bernedoodle. He stands 23’ at the shoulder and is 60 lbs. Banks has a easy going, goofy personality. Fully furnished and non shedding. 

    // Embark Genetic panel // OFA hips / elbows / patellas / Cardiac //

    Weight: 60 lbs

  • Shady Oak’s Atticus

    Shady Oak’s Atticus

    Multigen small Mini Bernedoodle. Sweet, loving laid back temperament. Over all a great boy who is guardian family just loves. 

  • Shady Oak’s Asher

    Shady Oak’s Asher

    AKC registered phantom parti male poodle. Asher has long been one of the main studs in our breeding program. He consistently produces beautiful puppies with wonderful, easy to train temperaments. 


  • Shady Oak’s Ellie

    Shady Oak’s Ellie

    Ellie is a beautiful blue merle tri color F1 mini Bernedoodle. 

  • Shady Oak's Oakley

    Shady Oak's Oakley

    Oakley is our AKC registered blue eyed tri female Australian Shepherd. She stands 19’ at the shoulder and is 45 lbs. Oakley has a wonderful easy to train Aussie temperament. 

    // Embark Genetic panel // OFA hips / elbows / patellas / Cardiac //

    Weight: 45 lbs

  • Shady Oak's Blossom

    Shady Oak's Blossom

    AKC registered female Bernese Mountain Dog. More info to come. 

    Weight: 115 lbs

  • Shady Oak's Bubbles

    Shady Oak's Bubbles

    Beautiful Wavy coated F1 blue merle female Mini Bernedoodle. Laid back, fun, loving personality. 

    Weight: 44 lbs

  • Shady Oak’s Eloise

    Shady Oak’s Eloise

    Eloise is one cool girl. She is from our first Winter X Jerry litter and was born here with us at Shady Oak. She has a great, stable, easy going temperament and is adored by eveyone who meets her. Especially her guardian family. 

  • Shady Oak’s Piper

    Shady Oak’s Piper

    Beautiful female Mini Aussie Mountain Doodle from our very first Aspen X Jerry litter. This girl is sweet, fun and loves to play. She’s easy to have around and adored by her guardian family. 

  • Shady Oak's Daisy

    Shady Oak's Daisy

    Straight coated red and white tuxedo color multigen Mini Bernedoodle. This adorable girl is from our first Honey X Jerry litter. Daisy is very laid back for a young dog. She’s sweet and a complete joy to have around. 

    Weight: 23 lbs

  • Shady Oak's Summer

    Shady Oak's Summer

    AKC registered female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. 13 inches tall and 13 lbs. very sweet, easy going temperament. We just adore everything about Summer. 

    Weight: 13 lbs

  • Shady Oak's Mandy

    Shady Oak's Mandy

    AKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog. More info to come. 

  • Shady Oak's Violet

    Shady Oak's Violet

    Violet is a wavy coated, classic black tri color F2 small standard female Bernedoodle. She has a wonderful laid back, sweet temperament and is non shedding. Violet stands 23’ at the shoulder and is 53 lbs. 

    // Embark Genetic panel // OFA hips / elbows / patellas / Cardiac //

  • Shady Oak’s Blizzy

    Shady Oak’s Blizzy

    Blizzy is a wonderful standard female Australian Shepherd. She has a wonderful, loving temperament and is a fun dog to have around. 

  • Shady Oak’s Anthen

    Shady Oak’s Anthen

    Beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog Australian Shepherd cross. Wonderful easy going temperament.

    // Embark genetic Panel / OFA hips / elbows  //

  • Shady Oak’s Nolly

    Shady Oak’s Nolly

    Nolly is a HUGE standard Bernedoodle. She is the largest dog we have in our program at over 100 lbs. Easy going, sweet girl. We are SO excited for her first litter.